In-Residence 1 (IR1)

Sessions presented in July, August, and September or October

In-Residence 1 completes your first year of In-Depth. Presentations will be held regionally, in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec. In-Residence 1 includes 14 technical lectures, two large-group comprehensive case-study sessions and smaller, facilitated group tutorials where you will learn how to develop new approaches to solving complex tax problems and capitalize on tax planning opportunities for your clients and your organization.

In-Depth provides an optimum learning environment. A major commitment is demanded from each student at In- Residence 1, and lectures and tutorials scheduled to allow opportunities and downtime in the evenings to reflect and re-energize by networking with other students, tutorial leaders and lecturers, and participate in local activities.

In-Residence 1 begins with a review of GS1 and tax research skills. An intensive week of study follows, with 16 modules designed to help you identify and deal with important tax issues, perform computations, and make sound tax compliance decisions and tax planning recommendations.

Tutorial Leaders will be submitting feedback on your performance at In-Residence sessions, including level of interaction, participation and communication during tutorials, attendance and general engagement during the week. This information will be shared with your employer/partner upon your consent.