Group Study 1 (GS1)

Fall and Winter

Access to GS1 elearning modules, ebook self-study content, and I/D Connect will be available immediately after ORC sessions have been completed. Group Study will begin in October.

GS1 will consist of three elearning modules including self-assessment checkpoints. Completion of each elearning module is followed by scheduled online discussions, then local, facilitated group sessions that feature a series of case studies and exercises designed to illustrate the application of technical knowledge to contemporary business scenarios.

GS1 interactive sessions and student activities will be scheduled through I/D Connect to provide opportunity for issue analysis, discussion and collaboration between students and GS Leaders, students and coaches/mentors and among students. The objective of the sessions and activities is to provide valuable continuity in your learning between self-study, elearning and group sessions.

Group Study Leaders will be submitting feedback on your performance during Group Study, including level of interaction, participation and communication during tutorials, quality of case study submissions, and attendance. This information will be shared with your employer/partner upon your consent.